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Mon 5.7.

‘For those who see’ by Daniel Schulze (DE)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 05.07.2010 - Tagged as: , , , ,

Steam installation by Daniel Schulze

This poetic installation ‘For those who see’ is the final year project of the German designer Daniel Schulze who recently graduated at UdK (Universität der Künste) in Berlin. It is composed of a matrix of 7 by 7 boxes which individually release synchronized signals of smoke in the air. The pressure for the ascending smoke is generated by vibrating speakers, which are vortexing the air at a perfectly circular opening.

'For those who see' by Daniel Schulz

'For those who see' by Daniel Schulze

'For those who see' by Daniel Schulze, presented at DMY Berlin

to the Daniel Schulze website

get more information about the project here