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Wed 14.10.

‘Float House’ in New Orleans / USA by Morphosis

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 14.10.2009 - Tagged as: , , , ,

'Float House' for the Make It Right Foundation by Morphosis

'Float House' for the Make It Right Foundation by Morphosis

Morphosis Architects designed this eclectic single family house for New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, an area which was completely distroyed by Hurricane Katrina and which is now site for the new designs of the Make It Right Foundation. The L.A. based practice created a house which broaches the issue of the catastrophy the city was confronted with – it would float if New Orleans floods.

'Float House' by Morphosis

'Float House' by Morphosis

Here is what the Architects explain:

The FLOAT House optimizes the efficiency of mass-production, while respecting New Orleans’s unique culture and context. The Ninth Ward’s colorful vernacular houses, which local residents have traditionally modified and personalized over time, reflect the community’s vibrant culture. The FLOAT House grows out of the indigenous typology of the shotgun house, predominant throughout New Orleans and the Lower Ninth Ward. Like a typical shotgun house, the FLOAT House sits atop a raised base. This innovative base, or “chassis,” integrates all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sustainable systems, and securely floats in case of flooding. Inspired by GM’s skateboard chassis, which is engineered to support several car body types, the FLOAT House’s chassis is designed to support a variety of customizable house configurations.

Developed to meet the needs of families in New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward, the FLOAT House is a prototype for prefabricated, affordable housing that can be adapted to the needs of flood zones worldwide. The FLOAT House is assembled on-site from pre-fabricated components:

The modular chassis is pre-fabricated as a single unit of expanded polystyrene foam coated in glass fiber reinforced concrete, with all required wall anchors, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems pre-installed. The chassis module is shipped whole from factory to site, via standard flat bed trailer.
The piers that anchor the house to the ground and the concrete pads on which the chassis sits are constructed on-site, using local labor and conventional construction techniques.
The panelized walls, windows, interior finishes and kit-of parts roof are prefabricated, to be assembled on-site along with the installation of fixtures and appliances. This efficient approach integrates modern mass-production with traditional site construction to lower costs, guarantee quality, and reduce waste.

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