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Thu 23.6.

‘FIELD’ lamp by Arnaud Lapierre (FR)

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 23.06.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

Arnaud Lapierre's aluminium and LED 'FIELD' lamp collection, which has picked up a 2011 Audi Talents Award

Paris-based designer Arnaud Lapierre has been recognised by the 2011 Audi Talents Awards scheme for his collection of ‘FIELD’ lamps, pieces that marry LED technology with an industrially inspired use of aluminium.

Lapierre's design features a corrugated, anodised aluminium facia, which gently reflects the lamp's LED illumination

Described by Lapierre, with perhaps just a touch of hyperbole, as ‘an area of light, an illuminated zone unbridled of any link to the lamp archetype’, the design features a piece of corrugated, anodised aluminium, which functions as a reflective field. The result is a very soft type of illumination, but also, in itself, a highly graphic object, which continues to make its presence felt once the light has been switched off.

One of Arnaud Lapierre's 'FIELD' lamps

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