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Sat 26.10.

‘CÉRAMIQUE I’ Exhibition at gallery Kissthedesign (CH)

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Ninfea Vase by Matteo Zorzenoni

Ninfea Vase by Matteo Zorzenoni

The ‘CÉRAMIQUE I’ exhibition at Lausanne’s Kissthedesign gallery explores different forms, and appearance, of the material ceramic through design.



The gallery invited a selection of contemporary designers like Nicolas Le Moigne, Chris Kabel, Tomas Kral, Béatrice Durandard, Matteo Zorzenoni and Dimitri Bähler to showcase or design projects using ceramic. The result is a collection of functional and decorative objects, vases, lamps, centerpieces, etc that show the versatility of ceramic and its creative potential. Interested by the ornemental or even fictional capacity of the material and of the technique, the gallery wanted a dialogue between design and art and thus also invited artists and ceramists such as Makiko Nakamura, François Ruegg, Martin Hyde, Thomas Koenig and Adrien Chevalley, that develop an artistic ceramic production with unique pieces without disdaining the functional object.


'Knot' by Nicolas Le Moigne

‘Knot’ by Nicolas Le Moigne

The exhibition is not intended to show an exhaustive overview of the contemporary ceramic production, but is more focused in the decorative, luxury and narrative potential of the material through the visions of designers, to who ceramic is not the only tool, and artists able to play with ceramic and porcelain to create fantasy or precious works.


A selection of ceramics by Italian manufacturer Bitossi, that Kissthedesign distributes in exclusivity in Lausanne, accompanies the exhibition, among other with pieces by Ettore Sottsass, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Arik Levy, etc, many in limited edition, as well as a small shop featuring some of the designers edited objects and Martin Hyde’s Kawaii Skulls.


'Grid' by Tomas Kral

‘Grid’ by Tomas Kral


'So Heavy' by Makiko Nakamura

‘So Heavy’ by Makiko Nakamura


Nicolas Le Moigne’s profile on Architonic

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