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Fri 9.9.

ECAL/Alessi Design September Brussels 2011

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Composition ECAL-Alessi, Photo: ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz

Alexis Georgacopoulos, head of ECAL / University of Art Lausanne, presents the projects of the second year Industrial Design (BA) students created for Alessi.

"Isola" ECAL by Matthieu Pache; Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz

The programme of the class was devised in collaboration with the Italian manufacturer Alessi. Based in the northern Italian town of Omegna, the company’s design tradition spans some 90 years and the focal point of the collaboration was to introduce the famous Alessi ‘Formula’ to the students: the chemistry between emotional aspects, functionality, communication, price and industrial technology.

"Frana" ECAL by Christophe Guberan; Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz

"Filo" ECAL by Marie Schenker; Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz

"Saros" ECAL by Manon Briod; Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz

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