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Thu 4.8.

ECAL graduate show: ‘Gousset’ chest of drawers by Raphaëlle Bonamy

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 04.08.2011 - Tagged as: , , , ,

'Gousset' chest of drawers by Raphaëlle Bonamy

‘A ready-made as an object, a product as collage’ – this is how the young industrial designer and ECAL alumnus (MA Product Design) Raphaëlle Bonamy describes the wooden chest of drawers which she created and presented at the graduate exhibition showcasing the final year projects from the students of the University of the Art and Design Lausanne, ECAL. Called ‘Gousset’, the simple column of six fir tree drawers employs a unique bicycle-chain mechanisms which enable the user to open and close each of the compartments (as demonstrated in the video below).

'Gousset' chest of drawers by Raphaëlle Bonamy

The story behind ‘Gousset’:


‘Between sculpture and everyday object ‘Gousset’ intrigues and imposes another look on the two objects which compose it. It emphasizes what is already the character of a piece of furniture, its ironmongery, handles, hinges and gives them a new dimension in their aesthetic. To open, to close, movement of the daily life is becoming both playful and enigmatic. The bicycle chain becomes a jewellery, a handle – the one that we usually don’t want to touch is now shiny and attractive.’

'Gousset' chest of drawers by Raphaëlle Bonamy


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