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Tue 7.8.

‘Druida’ BBQ by Mermeladaestudio (ES)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 07.08.2012 - Tagged as: , , , ,

Druida BBQ by Mermeladaestudio

A Barcelona-based design trio JuanMiguel Juarez, Laura Blasco and Alex Estévez, designers behind the Mermeladaestudio practice have realised this beautifully detailed BBQ grill called ‘Druida’. Featuring a decorative stainless steel gridiron and a hemispherical spun iron base supported by elongated legs, ‘Druida’ was developed earlier last year as part of Mermeladaestudio’s ‘Weekend Objects’ collection.

Druida by Mermeladaestudio

More about the design:


‘It is a BBQ grill that reminds the large kettles druids used to prepare their magic spells. It shows elegance and its aesthetics are planned as if it was a piece of furniture.Its shape and size is ideal for reduced outdoor spaces.’

Druida by Mermeladaestudio

Sketches of the design

The paper model of the design

The paper model of the design

Prototype of ‘Druida’

Production process

The final design is taking shape

Druida BBQ by Mermeladaestudio Dailytonic

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