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Thu 9.2.

Dream Weaving: Techtextil 2017

Posted by Walter Phillips on 09.02.2017 - Tagged as:

Dream Weaving: Techtextil 2017

Just one of many examples: dynamically curved stadium roof in Kiev with ventilation outlets. The universal membrane material is polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE (© 3M-Dyneon/M. Bredt)

Building with textiles today means much more than stretching huge spans across building exteriors, and it is among the textile sectors that foresee significant growth. In many points, the characteristics and functions of high-tech textiles clearly and impressively outstrip those of traditional materials. Intensive research and development has brought great progress in all areas of technical application for textile solutions and concepts. Yet many innovative solutions go virtually unnoticed, as they do their work largely hidden from view. (text by Ulrich Büttner )


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