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Thu 1.3.

‘Dome’ table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater (DK)

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'Dome' table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater

It might have been designed nearly three years ago, yet we still very much admire the purity of form and boldness of this table lamp created by a New York-based designer Todd Bracher. Composed of partly recycled aluminium shade and a steel base, ‘Dome’ was inspired by ‘the phases of the moon and its contrast between light and shadow.’ In 2009, the design was named the ‘Best Table Lamp’ in Wallpaper* Design Awards and the lamp is manufactured by a Copenhagen-based brand Mater, in one of Denmark’s few remaining workshops specialising in the spin forming technique.

Special 2011 edition of 'Dome' in red

More about ‘Dome’:


‘The Dome lamp is an iconic representation of ‘what is light’. Light emanates evenly in a 360 degree pattern from its source (such as in the case with the sun) so therefore the most honest approach toward the design of a lamp to me was a spherical solution. The design is essentially a ‘globe’ form ‘hollowed out’ to allow the light to distribute. Such a mathematical solution enables the design to be timeless and familiar however completely new in approach as it is more of an engineering solution than a fashion based one.’

'Dome' table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater

'Dome' table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater

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