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Wed 7.9.

Designers Saturday Oslo: Student Project – Winners

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1st prize-winning Låst by Morten Skjærpe Knarrum; photo by Espen Grønlie

Earlier last week, three young designers; Morten Skjærpe Knarrum, Anders Berg and Iris Djupvik were named the first, second and third prize winners, respectively, of the ‘Student Project’ competition which took place during the 25th edition of Designers Saturday Oslo. The award was organised by the board of Designers Saturday Oslo and the Organisation of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers with an aim to ‘provide future designers with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents’ and each of the hopeful young designers was briefed to create ‘an inspiring, unexpected, joyful, demanding, adequate, colourful, innovative, beautiful, unusual, amusing and/or refined chair – as envisioned in your dreams.’

Låst by Morten Skjærpe Knarrum; photo by Espen Grønlie

1st Prize: Låst by Morten Skjærpe Knarrum


‘LÅST/”Locked” is a small dining room chair made entirely of wood that is meant for production in Norwegian prisons. As part of their rehabilitation, the prisoners are intended to build self-respect and pride through learning and achieving. The chair is constructed with traditional joining techniques but still expresses a contemporary and elegant style. This project is executed with considerable conviction and good technical ability. The chair is both likeable/sympathetic and sophisticated. The visible craft details are meaningful both for the makers and the users of the chair. Such a prison production will challenge the Norwegian furniture industry, which has difficulties with taking care of and renewing knowledge ofcrafts/craft knowledge. A unanimous jury gives the first prize to the chair “Locked,” which carries the dream of a brighter future for inmates in Norwegian prisons and Norwegian furniture design alike.’


June by Anders Berg; photo by Espen Grønlie

2nd Prize: June by Anders Berg


“June” is a dining room chair geared towards the older part of the population while still retaining a positive, age neutral, identity. The chair’s shape, ergonomics and simple tilt function stimulate movement and balance. “June” is a handsome and well proportioned chair. It draws obvious inspiration from the 1950s both in shell and base, but the exquisite detailing and use of modern/contemporary lamination techniques and materials point towards the future. The joining of the back and the seat shell is beautifully done and adds a characteristic and poetic expression. “June” is a mature and professionally made piece of work, which could go into production right away.’

June by Anders Berg; photo by Espen Grønlie

3rd Prize: Vidje by Iris Djupvik


“Vidje” is a small and expressive lounge chair that looks like it is crocheted in wood. The seat and the back are elegantly built from wavy wooden laminates. This creates a stunningly graphic effect. The transparent weave lets light through and underlines the chair’s visual lightness. The chair is entirely laminated in birch and is a well-proportioned lounge chair. “Vidje” is a beautiful chair with a refreshing new take on classical lamination techniques.’

Vidje by Iris Djupvik; photo by Espen Grønlie

Vidje by Iris Djupvik; photo by Espen Grønlie

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