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Mon 20.6.

Design Miami/ Basel 2011: ‘Podium’ collection by Nicolas Le Moigne (CH)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 20.06.2011 - Tagged as: , ,

'Podium occasional table' by Nicolas Le Moigne

As part of the Design On/Site program at this year’s edition of Design Miami/ Basel, Berlin-based HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery has presented a solo exhibition dedicated to the Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne and his latest collection of furniture. Entitled ‘Podium’, the series stems from Le Moigne’s ‘observations of the customary forms of presenting art and design by galleries and museums’, and comprises six limited-edition designs which include: a hand-blown glass lamp, a hand-polished granite bowl, a varnished-oak shelf and table, an occasional table which has been developed in cooper and a series of three enamelled ceramic vases. Accordingly, each of the pieces encompasses a white wooden platform which, in the words of the designer; ‘results in the object gaining its aesthetics and functional completeness.’

'Podium occasional table' by Nicolas Le Moigne


From the designer:


‘Le Moigne’s PODIUM collection, which consists of six parts, is based on observations of the customary forms of presenting art and design by galleries and museums. Objects are mostly exhibited on a pedestal or plinth, which serves to enhance the effect of the object through its simple form and the deliberate choice of dimensions. This iconic form of presentation inspired Le Moigne to assume a point of departure that characterizes all objects in the PODIUM collection: the object and the plinth are interconnected – they are in unison.


This connection between object and vehicle for projection confuses conventional manners of viewing something and challenges the viewer to take a second, more concentrated look. A shift in observation occurs – the form and the function of the object are questioned anew.’

'Podium low table' by Nicolas Le Moigne

‘The PODIUM low table is a testimony to the highest form of craftmenship and precision. The delicately turned wooden table top practically floats over the white podium. Practically hovering, yet perfectly balanced, the table topunites itself with its plinth lacquered in white. In their daily usage the tabletop and plinth invite to normal functional use. The plinth, in this case in the classical role of a foot-piece, simultaneously carries and completes – thus demonstrating its inherent complementary functionality. Crafted by Enrique Illanez, Vernayaz (CH)’

Detail of 'Podium low table' by Nicolas Le Moigne

'Podium shelf' by Nicolas Le Moigne

‘Practically weightless and defying all laws of gravity the PODIUM shelf floats on its pedestal lacquered in white. The onlooker is left to wonder how something seemingly so precariously can be so stable. The individual parts of the shelf are crafted on the lathe: an ingenious joint system permits the assembly and disassembly of the object into its 13 parts. The pedestal as foot-piece, which, as such, enables the object to fulfil its function. Crafted by Enrique Illanez, Vernayaz (CH)’

'Podium shelf' by Nicolas Le Moigne

‘In producing the PODIUM Collection Le Moigne collaborated exclusively with Swiss craftsmen, who are renowned for their exceptional mastery. The PODIUM Collection as a whole is strictly limited to three to eight pieces (+2AP) and exclusively available from HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery.’

'Podium' by Nicolas Le Moigne presented by HELMRINDERKNECHT

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