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Tue 18.12.

DCW éditions presents Here Comes the Sun, by Bertrand Balas

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DCW éditions presents Here Comes the Sun, by Bertrand Balas
Here Comes the Sun 450 black and copper inside

Bertrand Balas, architect born in Toulouse in 1935 likes to watch the sun set over the Garonne river.

With that musical lilt typical of the south, he likes to say : « It does me good. »

In August 1970 he designed the lamp Here Comes the Sun.
At first glance, this original design is like all the other lamps that get called an ‘Original’.

But once lit, the Here Comes the Sun hanging lamp takes on a magical quality. Darkness looses its rawness and metamorphoses into something reassuring. At the same time as Balas was designing his lamp, in the Spring of 1969, the Beatles were having difficulties; tension was running high and relations between the members distinctly frosty. All of which prompted George Harrison to write ‘Here comes the sun’.

After the cold and ice of the winter it is always good to feel the first rays of sunshine. The song came out in 1970, just a few days before Bertrand Balas’ lamp, prompting him to change the name, just in case the Beatles might take offence.

In fact, they could have taken the stage together…
Come Together…