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Tue 25.8.

‘Cucoon’ by Meyer & Co at the Copenhagen International Wood Festival

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 25.08.2009 - Tagged as: , , ,

>'Cocoon' was the winning project

'Cucoon' was the winning project

What would you do with a kilometer of wood?

Wood Works is a recently established institution which is enganged in new and alternative possibilities for the use of wood. Earlier this August Wood Works organised the International Wood Festival for the first time. The workshop and exhibition took place in one of Copenhagen’s beautiful parks, right next to the States Museum of Art. Designers, architects, carpenters and everybody else who had an idea what to do with unlimited amounts of wood and screws was invited to realise their proposals within three days.

Construction of 'Cocoon'

Construction of 'Cucoon'

A jury of art and architecural experts selected 3 prizewinners. The first prize went to ‘Cucoon’, a pavilion realised by the team Meyer & Co.

The Copenhagen International Wood Festival

The Copenhagen International Wood Festival

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