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Wed 9.9.

‘Crystal Mesh’ in Singapore by realities:united

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 09.09.2009 - Tagged as: , , ,

“Crystal Mesh” media facade by realities:united

“Crystal Mesh” media façade by realities:united

Iluma, Singapore’s latest urban entertainment retail centre, launched its ‘Crystal Mesh’ media façade installation by realities:united, a Berlin based studio for art and architecture, with a public demonstration on Saturday, 15 August.
The full opening of the completed façade installation and the start of the projected artistic program on Crystal Mesh is scheduled for December 2009
. The building was designed by Singapore-based WOHA architects.

Iluma, urban entertainment retail centre with 'Crystal Mesh' facade

Iluma, urban entertainment retail centre with 'Crystal Mesh' façade

The Crystal Mesh façade covers a total area of 5180m2 of which 2550m2 are equipped as a media installation. All “crystal elements” are made up of a translucent, polycarbonate hull and an aluminum back-plate. Each electrified Crystal Element contains between 1 and 7 individually controllable light sources, which are located in the respective “Light Cells” of the Crystal Element. In contrast there are “blind” Crystal Elements, which carry no light sources inside. Between the two outer parts lays the interior “Component Sub frame“ on which all the electrical parts (Dimmer, Bulb socket, wiring) are mounted along with a continuous or segmented „Reflector Element“ which is folded to optimize the flow of light.

Installing the crystals

Installing the crystals





Client: Jack Investment Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Architecture: WOHA Architects, Singapore

Crystal Mesh (Media) Façade Design: realities:united, studio for art and architecture (Berlin) in collaboration with WOHA Architects, Singapore

Current (starting 15.8.2009) Video Art Piece: autokolor (Berlin)

Media Façade Software Development: thismedia (Berlin)

Realization / Technology: Million Lighting Co Pte Ltd (Singapore) with Kurihara Kogyo Co., LTD. (Singapore Branch) Fritz Borsi Gmbh & Co. KG (Germany), SE Lightmanagement AG (Switzerland)


to the realities:united website


to the WOHA architects website