June 2020

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Tue 6.12.

Cooking with taste: well designed household appliances

Posted by Susanne Fritz on 06.12.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

SG67 handheld vacuum cleaner by Stefano Giovannoni für Alessi

In the past electrical kitchen appliances were a treasured status symbol for the modern household and a symbol of progress. Nowadays, however, they are not particularly valued as gifts in that electronic kitchen products have become cheap mass-produced articles, a development which is generally also reflected in their design. In design-conscious households we therefore tend to find retro design, vintage products or functionally designed professional equipment for the catering industry.
However, where are the household appliances of today which will blend in with a modern design kitchen? We’ve been doing some research for you and have found them….


In our article on www.architonic.com, you will discover kitchen appliances which you don’t need to hide away somewhere in a cupboard and which definitely won’t lead to disappointment if given as a seasonal present. And this year good design for the kitchen is sure to find a place somewhere under my Christmas tree.


Read the full article on www.architonic.com

mix.it hand blender by Wiel Arets for Alessi

SG67 handheld vacuum cleaner by Stefano Giovannoni für Alessi

WA09 hot.it electric kettle, designed by Wiel Arets for Alessi

SG63 - electric citrus-squeezer by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi

Brunch Set: Kettle, Filter coffee machine and Toaster by Jasper Morrison for Rowenta, Photo: Christoph Kicherer