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Thu 5.7.

‘Contrast’ side table by BCXSY (NL)

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‘Contrast’ side tables by BCXSY

Israeli-born Boaz Cohen and Japanese-born Sayaka Yamamoto, the designer duo behind the Eindhoven-based practice BCXSY have realised this series of simple side tables called ‘Contrast.’ Part of a three-piece collection developed by BCXSY in collaboration with an Irish maritime cultural and educational centre Meitheal Mara, the construction of table was inspired by the traditional boat-building process while its clean lines and geometric form seem to hint at the Bauhaus aesthetics.

‘Contrast’ side table by BCXSY

Presented earlier this year in Milan at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, ‘Contrast’ side table is now on show as part of the ‘Bauhaus Live’ exhibition at The Aram Gallery, London.


More about the table:


‘“Rule number one of a boatyard is that you never have enough clamps”. In times of need, improvised clamps are made of only two pieces plywood. These clever artefacts were our inspiration while developing the Side-Tables and Stools, by which the top plate is clamped between two vertical plates. The outer surfaces of the plywood are removed, revealing the less regularly placed wooden layers, making each and every piece unique.’

‘Contrast’ side table by BCXSY

‘Contrast’ side table by BCXSY

Meitheal Mara – a charitable maritime cultural centre where the ‘Contrast’ tables were developed

The geometric parts of the table

The assembly process

‘Contrast’ side table by BCXSY

‘Contrast’ side tables by BCXSY

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