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Wed 4.8.

‘Connective Tissue’ exhibition at Paradigma design gallery, Tel Aviv (IL)

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'Connective Tissue' exhibition at the Paradigma Gallery, Tel Aviv. Foreground: 'Zaza' chair by Omri Bar Ze'ev. Middle ground: 'Boscaiolo' side tables by Ron Calabresi (left) and 'Rope Stool' by Yoav Reches (right). Background: 'Axum' and 'Lalibella' stools by David Keller

A new exhibition called ‘Connective Tissue’, which explores the notions of joining and linking in the work of young Israeli designers – both in literal and theoretical terms – has opened at the recently established Paradigma design gallery in Tel Aviv.

From left to right: 'Shavings' stools by Yoav Avinoam, 'Nature of Material' stools by Ran Amitai of Bakery Studio, and 'Industrial Upholstery' chairs by Gilli Kuchik, also of Bakery Studio. All shown at the 'Connective Tissue' exhibition at Tel Aviv's Paradigma design gallery

Some of the objects on display present innovative ways of connecting their constituent material elements (such as Gil Sheffi’s ‘Elastic Wood’ chairs, which employ an elastic material to join together the pieces’ otherwise flat plywood components, and Yoav Reches’s ‘Rope Chair’, which, as the name suggests, is emphatically sewn together with rope), while others create more conceptual connections – like Ron Calabresi’s ‘Boscaiola’ side tables, which bring together a material (in this case wood) with the implement that was used to ‘kill’ it in the first place (an axe).

'Connective Tissue' exhibition at Tel Aviv's Paradigma design gallery. From left to right: Ron Calabresi's 'Il Condatino' coat stand, Gil Sheffi's 'Elastic Wood' chairs, Zvika Fraiman and Nadin Daniel Horovitz's 'Forest Shade' table, and Yoav Avinoam's 'Shavings' stools

Curated by long-established Israeli product designer and lecturer Ezri Tarazi, together with Paradigma’s owner Anat Benvenisti, ‘Connective Tissue runs at the gallery in Tel Aviv until 27 August.

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