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Thu 7.7.

Classics by Le Corbusier, Man Ray and Harvey Guzzini re-released by Nemo – Cassina Lighting (IT)

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Sorella by Harvey Guzzini (1972)

The Italian manufacturer Nemo – Cassina Lighting has released re-editions of three contemporary table lamps designed between 1954 and 1973 by the three masters: Le Corbusier, Harvey Guzzini and Man Ray.


Designed by Harvey Guzzini, the highly-futuristic ‘Sorrela’ light gained its fame thanks to the British

science-fiction television series, ‘Space: 1999’, where it has been featured as a desk lamp at the iconic fictional spacecraft – Eagle Transporter – soon after its creation in 1972. Developed in matte white polycarbonate, the streamlined lamp ‘holds a direct fluorescent light that enhances its cold, futuristic character.’

La Lune Sous Le Chapeau by Man Ray (1973)

It took around 40 years before ‘La Lune Sous Le Chapeau’, which was designed in the Thirties, was put into production. Industralised in 1973, at the end of Man Ray’s extraordinary career as an avant-garde artist, photographer and designer, the re-released paired-down table lamp ‘is composed of a simple base with a metal rod holding the diffuser, whose translucent and tactile quality evokes the idea of paper. The diffuser can be positioned manually creating soft light towards the ceiling or direct light on the tabletop.’
The etched brass-plated ‘Escargot’ by the great Le Corbusier dates back to 1954 and is the earliest of the three designs. Released this year in a limited edition, the famous, reminiscent-of-a-snail curvilinear design gives a luminous glow thanks to its silver-plated interior.

Escargot by Le Corbusier (1954)

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