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Wed 31.10.

BLUM by Arturo Álvarez

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BLUM | The delicacy that springs up. BLUM is ethereal volume, lightness and subtlety.
We make emotional light by hand. (more…)



The banks laughed at him because of his idea to make glasses entirely from wood. Including the hinges. Completely without screws. Roland Wolf did not give up, but instead only became more committed and put his heart and soul into the task. Today his company, Rolf Spectacles, is causing a real stir in the spectacles scene.


Spectacles often make a fashionable ensemble complete and are therefore subject for ever changing designs. With veneer, Roland Wolf has discovered a completely new material with which to design his eyewear. The veneer gives the surface a natural touch and makes each pair of spectacles a unique item that has no exact equal anywhere.


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Stone Gate by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design

Stone Gate by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design

Conceived by Italian designer Raffaello Galiotto and developed by natural stone specialists Lithos Design, ‘Stone Gate’ is an imposing, 3.80-metre-high, self-supporting marble structure inspired by ‘the ancient architectural figure of the arch consisting of elements laid dry, inherited from the Roman Empire.’ Weighting nearly 30 thousands kilograms, the colossal circle was unveiled earlier this year at the ‘100% Gravity’ exhibition in Verona. Watch a video about this striking project in a clip below.. (more…)

Platform of Arts and Creativity by Pitagoras Arquitectos; photo courtesy of the architects

Platform of Arts and Creativity by Pitagoras Arquitectos; photo by Joao Morgado

Guimarães-based architectural practice Pitagoras Arquitectos have recently completed this striking Platform of Arts and Creativity for the 2012 Guimarães European Capital of Culture. Described by the architects as a ‘multifunctional space dedicated to artistic, economic, cultural and social activities within the scope of European Capital of Culture 2012’, the geometric, brass-clad building comprises an art centre, creative labs, temporary exhibition area, a multipurpose space for additional activities, performances and shows as well as workshops and workspaces aimed to ‘support emerging creativity.’ Watch the building come to live in the video by Archmov. (more…)

‘Funiculi’ floor lamp by Lluís Porqueras for Marset

Originally designed by the acclaimed Catalan designer Lluís Porqueras in 1979, this elegantly slender, glossy floor lamp has just been reissued by the Barcelona-based lighting specialists Marset. As its name suggests, the height of ‘Funiculi’ can be adjusted while the hemispheric shade can be rotated 360 degrees around its axis. Inspired by the funicular railways in Barcelona, the metal lamp is available in five colour options: white, black, red, beige and moss grey. Watch the designer himself speak about ‘Funiculi’ in the video below… (more…)

‘Between centers’ series features characteristic marks synonymous with the process of woodturning

Inspired by the traditional woodturning technique, a young, Madrid-based designer Jorge de la Cruz has realised this three-piece collection called ‘Between centres’. Consisting of a stool, banquette and a dining/working table models, the understated, minimalist series features characteristic marks synonymous with the process of woodturning and the pieces, which are available in wither maple or dyed birch wood, were first presented earlier last month during Dutch Design Week 2012 in Eindhoven. Watch the production process of the series in the video below… (more…)

‘Pal’ stool by Hallgeir Homstvedt for One Nordic Furniture Company

Inspired by his childhood fascination with skateboards, the Oslo-based furniture designer Hallgeir Homstvedt has realised this easy to assemble, pared-down stool for the recently-launched Scandinavian design brand, One Nordic Furniture Company. Called ‘Pal’, the simple, flat-packable stool is made of lacquered ash and it is produced in Sweden. Watch the video about ‘Pal’ below… (more…)

‘Doll’ table lamp by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini

Continuing her collaboration with Italian lighting specialists Foscarini, the acclaimed Parisian-based designer Ionna Vautrin has once again turned her attention to the Far East and the Orient for inspiration. Her new, well-proportioned and organically shaped (as has become Vautrin’s signature) table lamp ‘Doll’ has just been unveiled by the Marcon-based brand and it appears to be a natural continuation of Vautrin’s previous, also Orient-inspired pendant light, ‘Chouchin’. Composed of a round, blown glass head and a circular plastic base, ‘Doll’ emanates a warm, soft glow and the lamp is available in four colour versions: ivory, green, grey and red. (more…)

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