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Mon 9.10.

Designers’ Top 10 Materials 2017

Posted by Walter Phillips on 09.10.2017


Qualitative analysis is essential to identifying what materials are next and which will stand the test of time. Our series Material Tendencies aims to do just that. Conducting qualitative surveys and interviews, the series is part of our ongoing effort to map the contemporary landscape of architecture and design.


Starting in early 2015 until present, Architonic has gathered exclusive insights from industry leaders who shared their opinions and experience when it comes to material choices, helping us all gain a more complete picture of the current material scene and better predict what lays ahead.


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Wed 9.8.

Working Future: Ben Van Berkel

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Working Future: Ben Van Berkel

UNStudio founder Ben van Berkel is committed to designing future work environments around mental health

Founder of Dutch super-practice UNStudio Ben van Berkel discusses the future of the workplace. And how he works best. (text by Madeline Bouton)


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Thu 29.6.

Material Tendencies: Fabio Novembre

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Material Tendencies: Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre – Photo © Architonic


Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre describes himself as a wise monkey that feels at home in the jungle. Maybe this is why some of his works err on the wild side. (text by Anita Hackethal)


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Tue 20.6.

Material Tendencies: Khodi Feiz

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In a recent interview, Architonic spoke to industrial designer Khodi Feiz, who was born in Iran and grew up in the US. With his small studio, based in Amsterdam, Feiz is specialized in furniture design and consumer technologies. (text by Anita Hackethal)


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