January 2022

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Tue 24.7.

Cabin Kvitfjell by Lund Hagem Architects

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Cabin Kvitfjell by Lund Hagem Architects

Photographer: Sam Hughes


Our design process was inspired by the client’s desire to have “a summer cabin in a winter landscape”. (more…)

Wed 18.7.

Coalimex by G8A Architecture & Urban Planning

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Coalimex by G8A Architecture & Urban Planning

The Coalimex building is an office building with an area of about 10’000m2 divided by 10 store and office storeys. Located at 33 Trang Thi Street, in the centre of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this building stands amidst many commercial centres and historical places. The particular congested context coupled with the will to produce an eco-friendly building brings multiple concerns: noise management, direct view optimisation, natural ventilation principles and how to be an iconic building respectful of its neighbourhood. (more…)

Mon 16.7.

Cubic Houses by ADEPT

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Cubic Houses by ADEPT

Photographer: Rasmus Hjortshøj | Coast Studio

ADEPTs recently completed Cubic Houses in Copenhagen, DK shows a playful residential complex that breaks down the scale of a large building volume while offering a generous variation to the in-progress development of a new neighbourhood.

Fri 13.7.

Seashore Chapel by Vector Architects

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Seashore Chapel by Vector Architects

Photographer: Chen Hao

We imagine the Seashore Chapel as an old boat drifting on the ocean long time ago. The ocean receded through time and left an empty structure behind, which is still lying on the beach. (more…)

Wed 11.7.

Waterside Buddhist Shrine by ArchStudio

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Waterside Buddhist Shrine by ArchStudio

Photographer: Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi

This is a place for Buddhist mediation, thinking and contemplation as well as a place satisfying the needs of daily life. The building is located in the forest by the riverside. Along the river, here is a mound, behind which is a great stretch of open field and sporadic vegetable greenhouses. The design started from the connection between the building and nature, adopts the method of earthing to hide the building under the earth mound while presenting the divine temperament of nature with flowing interior space. A place with power of perception where trees, water, Buddha and human coexist is thus created. (more…)


Serpentine Pavilion Photos: courtesy of Kéré Architecture


Diébédo Francis Kéré creates places of community.


The work of Diébédo Francis Kéré goes beyond the accumulation of glass, steel and bricks. The Burkina-Faso-born architect conceives buildings with local materials and open structures that correspond to the climate conditions of the African continent. That his design principles also apply to moderate climate zones, was revealed his 2017 pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London. (text by TLmag) (more…)

Mon 9.7.

Domus Aurea by Alberto Campo Baeza

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Domus Aurea by Alberto Campo Baeza

Photographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla

For a Spanish architect, to build a house in Mexico is a privilege. To build a house in Monterrey is a gift. To build the TEC lottery house in Monterrey is amazing. And, logically, I did my utmost to ensure that this house would be the most beautiful in the world. That is my stated intent with every new project that falls into my hands. And of course, if Barragán is always present in all my architecture, he is even more in this case, which is why I decided that not only would my house be flooded with light, but that it would be the golden light of Barragán. (more…)

Fri 6.7.

OVD525 by Three14 Architects

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OVD525 by Three14 Architects

Photographer: Adam Letch

OVD525 is a private home located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. The steep mountainside site boasts un-disturbed views over Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and Robben Island to the north and north-east. The city is seen in the distance towards the east and the iconic Lion’s Head Mountain towers over the house from the south. Western views take advantage of spectacular ocean-sunsets. The owner had been living on the site in a home he built 10 years prior to our meeting. (more…)

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