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Thu 17.3.

‘Bubo Bubo’ by Andreas Engesvik and StokkeAustad (NO)

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'Bubo Bubo' by Andreas Engesvik and StokkeAustad

The Norwegian deisgner Andreas Engesvik, co-founder of his former studio Norway Says, and the Norwegian design duo StokkeAustad realised this charming wooden sculptures on the occasion of an exhibition to Designblok in Prague in 2010. The owls are modeled in polystyrene and so on milled out of solid wood. The large owl is 29 x 23 cm – the smallest is 15 x 11 cm.

'Bubo Bubo' by Andreas Engesvik and StokkeAustad

“We wanted to work with sculpture – without any specific function other than the purely decorative. This is a genre that is unexplored in our disiplin and in our field. We find it interesting to exceed these limits, since it, in our opinion, are artificial divisions between these disciplines. A renewed interest in the field of craftsmanship, tradition and new categories – has brought us into an area and expressions that we want to explore further. Thus, reducing the gap between industrial design and what we know as arts and crafts”, the designers explain.

'Bubo Bubo' by Andreas Engesvik and StokkeAustad

'Bubo Bubo' during last year's 'Norway Today' exhibition at Designblok 2010 in Prague

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