January 2022

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Tue 25.1.

‘Brigitte’ by Enrique Illanez Schoenenberger at imm cologne 2011

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 25.01.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

'Brigitte' shelter by Enrique Illanez

At the D3 contest during this year’s imm cologne the young designer Enrique Illanez Schoenenberger presented his beasutiful shelter ‘Brigitte’. Small wooden shingles are sewn together to form the roof and the walls, and are then draped over a simple metal frame.

'Brigitte' shelter by Enrique Illanez

Here is what the designer explains:

“I designed the metal frame as minimalist as possible, so that the shelter is essentialy constituted by the wood cover.
Besides providing a place to rest, the bench inside adds stability to the structure.

The wooden tiles resist to twenty years of outdoor use.
Brigitte was originally built for the outdoor, but time passing by I realized that all the reason to be indoors.”

'Brigitte' components by Enrique Illanez

“Time was for me a very important aspect in this project. Everything gets faster now, but I don’t know where and why. We want or need things to be quick. Brigitte invite people to take the time to have a rest. A second aspect of time is the use of this traditionnal technic that has almost desappeared now because of the time it needs. This process doesn’t fit the actual mass production standards.

Everybody is free to imagine whatever they wish in brigitte, a sheep, a garden shed, a cow with prominent hipbone or a space to think and dream.”

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