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Tue 7.1.

‘Breadpit’ by Florian Hauswirth (CH)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 07.01.2014 - Tagged as:

'Breadpit' by Florian Hauswirth

‘Breadpit’ detail by Florian Hauswirth

Several young designers will be showing prototypes from the areas of kitchen and bathroom to a broad public for the first time at Young Perspectives, an exhibition during Passagen in Cologne later this month. Included at the show will be designer Florian Hauswirth’s Breadpit that uses wood and linen to create ideal climatic conditions for the storage of bread.



'Breadpit' board by Florian Hauswirth

‘Breadpit’ board by Florian Hauswirth

“The climate for the bread should be not too dry and not too humid. Thus, natural materials as wood and linen are perfect for its storage.” says Hauswirth. “The construction of Breadpit is simple: it contains a board and a lid. After taking the lid off, the board can be used as a coping board on the table.”


'Breadpit' by Florian Hauswirth

‘Breadpit’ by Florian Hauswirth

“The textile and the wood can be washed separately. The profile of the board has a formal and also practical meaning. The board is like a podium for the bread which can be easily cut on and be taken from the table.”


'Breadpit' by Florian Hauswirth

‘Breadpit’ by Florian Hauswirth

Young Perspectives will be shown at Boffi Cologne, Spichernstrasse 8, in Cologne from January 13 to 19, 2014.


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