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Mon 15.7.

Bover Barcelona: Drip Linear

Posted by Walter Phillips on 15.07.2019 - Tagged as:

Bover BarcBover Barcelona: Drip Linearelona: Drip Linear

The new polycarbonate shade of the Drip collection is designed to be used in commercial applications. Hotels, restaurants or public areas where friction or the possibility of breakage is a relevant risk.

The Drip in polycarbonate, are the same as the rest of their peers made in
glass; They are simple, discreet and minimalist. If you touch them, it’s hard to know which is which. They come in a matte finish.

Until now, all of the Drip and Drop pendant lamps fell in circular cascades. On this occasion, Bover Barcelona is increasing the possibilities by adding to the collection a multiple linear suspension arrangements!