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Tue 19.4.

‘Bella Chandelier’ by 3XN (DK)

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'Bella Chandelier' by 3XN

Next month the opening of the excentric Bella Sky Hotel, part of the extension of Copenhagen’s famous congress center, the Bella Center, is due. In this context 3XN Architects recently completed the ‘Bella Chandelier’, a light sculpture consisting of more than 700 LEDs, developed in collaboration between GXN designers and a multidsciplinary team of engineers and tensegrity experts.

'Bella Chandelier' by 3XN

“Our multidisciplinary way of working with technology design and advanced structures proved invaluably important in this project, since the challenges that emerged during design and construction only where solvable once the knowledge from fields of architecture and engineering were combined”, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Head of GXN explains:

'Bella Chandelier' by 3XN

“The initial design studies led to a desire to create a light installation with a dynamic expression with an allusion to Bella Hotel´s stringent but dynamic design. The design principle Tensegrity was chosen as the starting point for the design, as form and structure in a Tensegrity structure is inseparable. Tensegrity is a lattice structure similar concept, using simple dedicated elements, kept under pressure in a stable equilibrium by a network of tensile cables. This building principle allows structures where none of the pressure rods touch each other, which results in an expression of very light and elegant structure. Tensegrity structures spaciousness also makes the structure expressions constantly change as you move around it.”

'Bella Chandelier' by 3XN

'Bella Chandelier' by 3XN

'Bella Sky Hotel' by 3XN

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