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Thu 20.10.

Behind the scenes: Dailytonic visits Foscarini

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 20.10.2011 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

The prototypes for Foscarini's 'Successful living from Diesel' collection; photo © Architonic

Two weeks ago, Dailytonic has paid a visit to the headquarters of one of our favourite (no exaggeration) Italian lighting brands, Foscarini, where, along with a small group of other international design enthusiasts from Muuuz, Yatzer and DesignMilk to name a few, we have met the wonderful team Foscarini who took us on an inspiring tour within the company’s airy, glass-cladded base located in the northern Italian comune of Marcon, half-an-hour drive from what we have learnt must be one of the most picturesque cities in the world, Venice.

'Havana' and 'Lightweight' lights at Foscarini headquarters; photo © Architonic

The dramatic effect of Atelier Oï's Allegro collection; photo © Architonic

We have listened (about the company, its early 80s Murano origins and why Foscarini lamps are ’emotional not rational’), seen (the hugely absorbing and seriously fun Research & Developement lab), met (four prominent designers, Jozeph Forakis, Vicente García Jiménez, Luca Nichetto

and Ionna Vautrin, who joined their creative forces with Foscarini) and discussed (the upcoming trends, the importance of the online media and the limitless denotations of the noun ‘Surprise’). In other words, we have been enlightened! – And that’s before the next day’s visit to the 54th edition of La Bienalle, which this year goes by the name Illuminazioni and ‘points to light’ which, as a classical theme in art, closely relates to Venice itself.

Foscarni founder Carlo Urbinati tells the story behind company's most successful design, Patricia Urquiola's 'Caboche'; photo © Architonic

The transparent globes that makeup 'Caboche' have the visual qualities of glass but are made of polymethylmetacrylate; photo © Architonic

'Caboche' in the draught-proof enclosure for endurance test; photo © Architonic

Each of the designs undergoes a number of quality checks before the final version is approved and put into production

Draught-proof enclosure for endurance test; photo © Architonic

Paper prototype; photo © Architonic

The design is being tested in 35∘C 21 hours per day for 30 consecutive days to determine its 'aging' process; photo © Architonic

The normally closed-for-visitors Research & Development lab; photo © Architonic

Various colours and materials were researched for Ionna Vautrin's 'Binic'; photo © Architonic

The lovely French designer Ionna Vautrin telling the story of 'Binic'; photo © Architonic

The beautifully proportioned 'Binic' lamp by Ionna Vautrin; photo © Architonic

'Successful living from Diesel' collection; photo © Architonic

The installation in the bookshop area at this year's Venice Biennale; photo © Architonic

Jozeph Forakis' 'Havana' suspended above a café within the Arsenale; photo © Architonic

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