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Tue 22.5.

‘Bamboo-steel’ table by Nendo for HAN Gallery (TW)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 22.05.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

Detail of the 'Bamboo-steel' table by Nendo for HAN Gallery

A result of a research on the history of Taiwanese bamboo furniture, these intricate, delicately hand-woven stainless steel tables were realised by the acclaimed Japanese practice Nendo as part of HAN Gallery‘s ‘Yii Designers’ series. Presented earlier in April at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate, the series features traditional hexagonal weave pattern which, instead off bamboo, has been achieved by weaving a number of thin steel strips into adjoining triangles.

'Bamboo-steel' tables by Nendo for HAN Gallery

More about the table:


‘Japanese design group Nendo studied the history of bamboo furniture of Taiwan, and now re-introduces it to the world. The idea is to shift the focus from material to technique: bamboo as material is replaced by stainless steel to perform the traditional hexagon weaving, which was used to make baskets and containers in rural Taiwan.


‘By carefully hand weaving with thin steel slices, wrapping and joining parts, Nendo achieves a sense of pliancy with the hard metal and gives the old technique a new life. The final design results in a new structural and visual language. The set of large and small tables are the fruit of a conversation between the zeitgeist of the past and the tempo of the present. It is a path to the future for traditional crafts through the convergence of ancient technique and modern material.’

'Bamboo-steel' table by Nendo for HAN Gallery

'Bamboo-steel' table by Nendo for HAN Gallery at Ventura Lambrate; photo © Architonic

'Bamboo-steel' table by Nendo for HAN Gallery at Ventura Lambrate; photo © Architonic

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