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‘Bamboo Forest’ furnishings by Poetic Lab (UK)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 08.04.2014 - Tagged as: ,

'Bamboo Forest' table by Poetic Lab

‘Bamboo Forest’ table by Poetic Lab

London-based Poetic Lab’s latest project is ‘Bamboo Forest’, a series of eight pieces of furniture and lighting that uses bamboo stalks to integrate with and support glass elements.



'Bamboo Forest' dining table by Poetic Lab

‘Bamboo Forest’ dining table by Poetic Lab

“Bamboo furniture is typically shaped from a very craft perspective where the beauty comes from the skill.” says Poetic Lab. “We perceive a particular kind of beauty from bamboo in its original form – the bamboo forests, a combination between elegant shapes and gentle movements.”


'Bamboo Forest' dining table by Poetic Lab

‘Bamboo Forest’ dining table by Poetic Lab

“We love its somehow random yet pure beauty, almost as if you can hear the wind whispering among them. Thus we decided to use bamboo material with minimum touch, retaining the aesthetic of the raw material itself.”


'Bamboo Forest' coffee tables by Poetic Lab

‘Bamboo Forest’ coffee tables by Poetic Lab

Maintaining its original tube shape, Poetic Lab reinforces the bamboo stem’s physical properties by using a cost-effective process they’ve created that uses a stainless steel structure and special resin which creates a minimal yet super strong joint with glass.


Making the 'Bamboo Forest' bookcase by Poetic Lab

Making the ‘Bamboo Forest’ bookcase by Poetic Lab

“This process not only creates more possibilities for the industrial process, but also prevent bamboo poles from cracking due to different humidity — the main reason why none of the contemporary furniture uses the original bamboo poles.”


Making 'Bamboo Forest' furnishings by Poetic Lab

Making ‘Bamboo Forest’ furnishings by Poetic Lab

“The combination of bamboo poles and transparent glass create a somehow undefined void space within the pieces, where the objects placed on the table or shelf seemly to be floating inside this void.”


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