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‘Baladi’ tableware collection by Galia Tammuz (IL)

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‘Baladi’ stainless steel cutlery by Galia Tammuz

Inspired by the local tradition and culture of food sharing, a young Israeli designer Galia Tammuz has created this understated tableware collection consisting of stainless steel cutlery, earthenware cups and wooden trays. Called ‘Baladi,’ the design of the series was based on, and achieved through, the relatively inexpensive and simple process of extrusion. As a result, each of the pieces features a distinctive, recurring pattern which has been moulded by the extrusion die. The collection was presented at Milan’s Ventura Lambrate as part of the TLV Express collective exhibition.

‘Baladi’ cutlery by Galia Tammuz

More about the collection:


‘Tableware based on extrusion technology. The design is based on identifications from local culture, one of them being the act of sharing food, which creates intimacy, equality, thoughtfulness and physical closeness among the dinners. This cooperative principal is translated through extrusion, a simple and cheap technology, creating long units, which are then cut into pieces. The set consists of earthenware cups made by extrusion, stainless steel cutlery and wooden plates set on an anodized aluminium profile. Each piece holds the memory of the long unit from which it was made.’

‘Baladi’ cutlery by Galia Tammuz

‘Baladi’ tableware collection by Galia Tammuz

‘Baladi’ earthenware cups by Galia Tammuz

‘Baladi’ cups by Galia Tammuz

‘Baladi’ cups by Galia Tammuz

‘Baladi’ tableware collection by Galia Tammuz was inspired by the tradition of food sharing

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