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Wed 13.6.

Avant-Garde and Post-Avant-Garde in Soviet Design presented by Heritage Gallery at Design Miami/Basel 2012

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Lamp 1960s Plastic, metal 156 x 27,5 x 13 cm Author: I. Zholtovsky (supervisor), M. Kruglov, V. Lazarev

At this year’s Design Miami/Basel an exhibition dedicated to original and rare items of Soviet interior design of the 1920s and early 1930s, as well as the period of the late 1950s to 1970s is presented by Heritage Gallery, Moscow. The exhibition is on display at the currently ongoing Design Miami Basel 2012.

Lamp 1960s Plastic, metal 156 x 27,5 x 13 cm Author: I. Zholtovsky (supervisor), M. Kruglov, V. Lazarev

The main theme of Heritage Gallery’s exhibition is the aesthetics of Khrushchev’s Thaw period, and how the ideas of Soviet designers of this period continued the trends established by the Russian Avant-garde of the 1920s.

In the late 1950s the Soviet Union witnessed the beginning of rapid large-scale residential construction, and this demanded a fundamental change in attitudes toward living space. It is primarily the aesthetics of the 1920s that were embraced by the young designers of the Thaw period. Even during the most terrible years of Stalinism, the elder generation of masters retained those traditions established in the 1920s. They soon offered a novel interpretation at this new stage of artistic development. This certainly creates the impression of parallels between Soviet architects from two eras separated by two decades – first the 1920s and early 1930s, and then the late 1950s up until the 1970s.


Design Miami/Basel

A pair of chairs 1962 Wood 75 x 42 х 42 cm Author: J.Kasradze Made for the restaurant “Isidi”(Tbilisi, Georgia)

Coffee table 1960s Nut wood 53 x 90x45 cm From a set of furniture made especially for the model apartment in Cheremushki district, Moscow

Pair of chairs Oak wood, leather 85 x 62 x 57 cm Author: Yury Sluchevsky