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Fri 15.10.

‘Autoban’ chair by Ingo Krapf (DE)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 15.10.2010 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'Autoban' chair by Ingo Krapf, all images by Ingo Krapf, 2010

‘Autoban’ chair is the newest creation of the German designer Ingo Krapf and his contribution to this year’s INTERIEUR 2010 Design Competition. The completely CNC-milled, solid wooden chair reflects the designer’s thoughts, doubts and visions of modern processing technologies.

'Autoban' chair by Ingo Krapf

But see what the designer explains very well:

“The idea for this project is the reflection on how to describe a chair and all its parts like legs, seat and back rest with only one line, without taking off the movement.

The world‘s fast changing mode does not find complete reflection in industrial design projects. We all knew that it changes a lot, but we‘ve not expected that it‘s so extensive. Nowadays there are all kinds of technological possibilities, but in reality there is still missing the real ability to use them. The idea of the unbroken digital chain is more ideological than real.”

Milling of the different components

“This study treats the design for a chair using a digital process in all its components from concept till production. The manpower is fundamentally displaced by machine work. Therefore we find a new interpretation in esthetics from the old thoughts of machine work.

Simple linear pentagon wood profiles in a spatial distribution, joined together with morpho-generic faded CNC-milled wood connections. The forms of the connectors result from the ends and cross-sections of the pentagon profiles, their spatial torsion is morphed by connecting [fading] this cross-sections. All wood parts to be fixed using 5-Axis-CNC-milled mortise and tenon by applying CAD-scripting.”

Milled Joining piece

The prototypes were produced at Tischlerei Bächer.

Clamping of the components

All components of the 'Autoban' chair

The assembled 'Autoban' chair

'Autoban' chair unpainted

to the Ingo Krapf and Matthias Bader website

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Autoban’ chair by Ingo Krapf (DE)