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Mon 9.10.

arturo alvarez. Table Lamp Designs:

Posted by Walter Phillips on 09.10.2017 - Tagged as:

arturo alvarez. Table Lamp Designs:

Arc table or floor lamp, ref. AC01 More info:

Clean lines, sculptural forms, harmonious volumes, delicate organic shapes… Each arturo alvarez’s table lamp is unique, not only because each collection tells a different story, but also due to the fact that every lamp is handmade in our atelier in Spain, with passion and care. They add personality to any room, and the different models and sizes help to fine-tune sophisticated, contemporary and serene atmospheres. The light goes through materials such as painted stainless steel mesh, plywood or Simetech® by Arturo Álvarez, used in innovative ways, creating hypnotic reflections and a comfortable environment. Signature pieces that bring into every space charm and emotion.


More about arturo alvarez´s table lamps:

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