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Wed 6.10.

‘Aris’ textile cabinets by Moritz Schmid (CH)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 06.10.2010 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

'Aris' by Moritz Schmid, photo by Francois Halard

An interview in the Swiss daily newspaper Tagesanzeiger which was entitled “Chairs are the best wardorbes” drew my attention to Moritz Schmid and his designs. The Zürich based industrial designer described the work on his new furniture he designed for the Swiss manufacturer Pfister. ‘Aris’ is part of the recently launched, new collection which was developed under the curatorship of Alfredo Häberli.

The video was made by Rafael Sommerhalder for Atelier Pfister.

'Aris' sideboard by Moritz Schmid

‘Mantles for mantles’ – this was the briefing Moritz Schmid had to work on.

“The simple free-standing clothes rail which can be used from both sides was the starting point for my design”, he explains – in fact ‘Aris’ pretty much reflects the designer’s chain of thought: The cabinet is composed of an airy wooden structure which builds the frame for the light, slidable textile covering.

'Aris' sideboard by Moritz Schmid

'Aris' wardrobe by Moritz Schmid

'Aris' wardrobe by Moritz Schmid

Moritz Schmid with his first 'Aris' model

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