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Wed 26.10.

Architectural Journey Of Discovery

Posted by Walter Phillips on 26.10.2016 - Tagged as:

Architectural Journey Of Discovery

The contribution of Mosa Scenes to the atmosphere of Peppe Giacomazza’s new Italian restaurant

Peppe Giacomazza made name with La Botte, his Italian restaurant in Genk, Belgium, that serves top-flight Italian food. Not long ago he opened his second restaurant, Peppe’s. Massimo Pignanelli of UAU collectiv designed the interior. ‘A common feature of all our designs is that we don’t reveal everything immediately. We want the user to go on a journey of discovery through a building. Walking from room to room, the visitor experiences different atmospheres. Furniture and the products on display, as well as the materials used, such as the 15 x 15 centimetre Mosa Murals Blend and Scenes tiles, all make their own contribution.’ (text by MOSA )


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