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Fri 8.7.

Architectural competitions: Areal Hardturm – Stadion Zürich and Wohnungsbau

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 08.07.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

Today sees an opening of two separate architectural competitions organised by the city of Zurich. Here’s some detailed information about both of the planned projects.


‘The city of Zurich is planning a new football stadium and a public housing estate on the “Areal Hardturm” in Zurich’s West with two separate architectural competitions. Situated at the Western entrance to the city the two building projects will play an important role in the sustainable devel- opment of this city area and give this important district a fresh and dynamic aspect. Sustainability is an important factor for both competitions – it is vital that the aims of the 2000-watt-society vision will be achieved.’



‘The new “Stadium Zurich” will be a pure football stadium (without commercial units around it). It requires a capacity of 16’000 spectators (seated) for international games and of 19’000 specta- tors (seated/standing) for national games. The surrounding area needs to be designed with the same diligence as the stadium itself in order to respond to the developing area of Zurich-West. The new stadium needs to fulfill not only highest quality standards but also contribute towards improving Zurich’s attractiveness by enhancing its economic standard and quality of living in the national and international competition.’



‘The new public housing estate next to the football stadium should provide approx. 160 contempo- rary, economic flats with a high degree of comfort. One third of the flats should be earmarked for families with many children. Studios and commercial business offices/stores are to be established on the ground floor facing the new stadium square and stadium itself. This developping area also requires two additional kindergardens with day nursery and an appropriate outdoor area for the children. The new public housing estate should convince not only architecturally but also with regard to urban planning and should fit in naturally in the developing neighbourhood in Zurich- West. At the same time it should frame the new stadium square and contribute to its quality as an important urban square also when football is not being played.’


Application documents can be obtained here


For further information contact:

Tel. +41 44 412 29 30




For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Architectural competitions: Areal Hardturm – Stadion Zürich and Wohnungsbau