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Mon 25.5.

‘Apartamento’ issue 3 out now

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 25.05.2009 - Tagged as: , , , ,

The new 'Apartamento' issue

The new 'Apartamento' issue

“Architecture as a means of personal expression” – this is how the Spanish/Italian founders of ‘Apartamento’ describe the intention of their magazine.

‘Apartamento’ is an interior design magazine, no doubt about that, but in contrast to the usual glossy magazines which tell you what your lifestyle should be and sell you an entire furnishing scheme at the same time, ‘Apartamento’ is pretty much the other way around. It shows how people do live and not how they should live – existing homes of young, both established and emerging, creative people from all over the world – dishevelled, improvised and personally decorated. ‘Apartamento’ is dedicated to all aesthetically hungry readers who are bored with the usual masks and cliques imposed by most magazines in the field. We advise you not to miss issue 3!

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