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Wed 22.6.

‘Aluminium Series’ by Sebastian Scherer (DE)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 22.06.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

'Aluminium Series' by Sebastian Scherer

The German designer Sebastian Scherer has created this ‘Aluminium Series’ collection of sleek, characterised-by-its-oscilloscopic-lines furniture, which has been presented at this year’s international design festival DMY in Berlin. The series, which is ‘based on the basic idea of transforming a two-dimensional form into a three-dimensional object through the process of folding’, has been uniformly

executed in 8mm water-cut aluminium – with the exception of the table whose top is made of Corian – and comprises a chair, a coat hanger and the said table design.

Chair from the 'Aluminium Series' by Sebastian Scherer

From the designer:


‘The aluminium chair is comprised of open loops and sleek curves. The 8mm water-cut aluminum seating was constructed with the objective of folding the 2d cutout into a 3d shape. Its elegant, continuous form makes it hard to judge where the material starts and ends. Through the exploration of folding shapes, the final aluminum chair is impeccably similar to that of its cardboard prototype.’

Detail of the chair 'Aluminium Series' by Sebastian Scherer

Table from the 'Aluminium Series' by Sebastian Scherer

Coat hanger from the 'Aluminium Series' by Sebastian Scherer

'Aluminium Series' by Sebastian Scherer

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