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Fri 22.6.

‘Akita’ desk accessory collection by Tatsuya Akita for Plant & Moss (UK)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 22.06.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

‘Akita’ desk accessory collection by Tatsuya Akita for Plant & Moss

A young Japanese designer and recent Northumbria University graduate Tatsuya Akita has recently realised this collection of desktop accessories for the British design brand Plant & Moss. Stemming from Akita’s ongoing ‘Scars of Production’ project which explores the manufacturing process and how it ‘leaves the ‘scars’ [on products] as identities rather than obliterating any indication as to how they were made,’ the ‘Akita’ collection comprises three bold pieces: a desk lamp, tape dispenser and a pen stand.

Tatsuya Akita’s sketches of the collection

More about the range:


‘The desk set range came from an investigation of ‘scars of production’. The intention was to exploit material characteristics: Concrete has weight, durability and a raw feel, the spun metal and turned wood relate to the function of the objects and result in a pure form.’

Concrete parts of the series

Disassembled components of the ‘Akita’ range

Production process

Copper spun wheel and concrete base of the tape dispenser

Production process

Production process

‘Akita’ lamp by Tatsuya Akita for Plant & Moss

‘Akita’ pen stand

‘Akita’ tape dispenser

to Tatsuya Akita’s website


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