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Tue 30.6.

A walk through history with Joakim Kaminsky and Fredrik Kjellgren

Posted by NoéMie Schwaller on 30.06.2009 - Tagged as: , , ,

Model No 3

Proposal for the Macedonia Fight Museum, Model No 3

Proposal for the Macedonia Fight Museum

The Macedonian fight for independence has been a journey lasting many centuries. At times the future has seemed hopeless, but the Macedonian people have always struggled forward towards the hopeful light of freedom. Inspired by this journey the proposal for the Macedonia Fight Museum by the Swedish architects Joakim Kaminsky and Fredrik Kjellgren consists of a chronological walk through Macedonian history, covered in the soft light filtrated by Macedonian marble.

light perspective

light perspective

The new museum both adapts to its surroundings and interprets them in new ways. Architectonically the building is made up of only a few strong elements; the transparent façade, the ramps and the central wall. The façade is made up of thin sheets of marble filtering the natural light. On certain carefully chosen spots the façade is punctuated by transparent glass offering views of important historical places in the surrounding. The ramps let the visitor comfortably stroll through the exhibitions circling around the central wall.

interior perspective

interior perspective

The central wall constitutes the bulk of the exhibition and here one may follow the chronology of events illustrated by pictures and movies projected on the wall. Along the façade smaller rooms contain more specialized exhibitions concerning certain events. Left is a generous flexible area, which can be arranged in different ways depending on the type of material being exhibited. Between the two exhibitions is a common room that can host joint activities and functions as electronic information centre.

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