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Tue 2.6.

A modern Ponte Vecchio by GGAF, Florence / Italy

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 02.06.2009 - Tagged as: , , ,

The skyline of Florence without the dome

The skyline of Florence without the dome

Florence – the cultural stronghold of the Renaissance – is packed with historical architectural highlights such as the gothic cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore. Its dome was built by the architect Filippo Bruneleschi and was the first double skin-dome ever made.

Or the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, one of the oldest existing segmental arch bridges.

Recently the Italian architects of GGAF unveiled their conceptual and rather provocative projects which challenge the establishment of the cultural heritage of the city.

The modern version of the famous Ponte Vecchio

The modern version of the famous Ponte Vecchio

“One provocative and yet therapeutic response to the question on how to awaken Florence into the 21st century is to make the dome of the cathedral disappear,” say GGAF. “If for a year or so we applied a futuristic painting of the dome’s surface, making it transparent, we would be led to ponder its concealment and how its cathedral, Santa Maria del fiore, appears somehow incomplete to us, as well as Florence itself.” By doing so, the firm say, psychological disruption will present itself to encourage forward thought and remove inhibitions.

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