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Wed 7.3.

’62-series’ by Greta Grossman reissued by Gubi (DK)

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Detail of a desk from the '62-series' by Greta Grossman, recently reissued by Gubi

Following last year’s relaunch of the iconic, modernist ‘Grasshopper’ lamp, in 2012 Danish furniture and lighting brand Gubi revived not one but further four elegant, Mid-Century modern classics created by the acclaimed designer and architect, Greta Grossman. Relaunched at this year’s edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair, the ’62-series’ wasn’t designed in 1962, as its name may suggest, but more than half a century ago, in 1952, with the number wittily indicating that the pieces were ten years ahead of their time. Characterised by the use of contrasting colours and materials such as; natural American walnut, glossy black laminate and powder-coated metal, the four-piece furniture collection comprises a desk and three chests of drawers in varying sizes, all of which will be available from autumn 2012.


Watch ‘Greta Grossman – A Pioneer Female Designer’ documentary at the end of this post.

The elegant, modernist desk from Greta Grossman's '62-series' has been reissued by Gubi

More about the ’62-series’:


‘The new Grossman 4-piece furniture collection illustrates the designer’s penchant for unusual pairings of material: in this instance, American walnut, which forms the main body of the pieces and powder-coated metal, used for the legs. The slender metal legs, with their ball shaped feet, contrast sharply with the wooden form, giving the furniture a characteristic appearance of lightness, the pieces almost seeming to defy gravity. A deep, black, protective full gloss finish on the desktop and additional surfaces is striking when juxtaposed to the richness of the American walnut.’

Desk from the '62-series' by Greta Grossman, recently reissued by Gubi

‘The furniture brings a clear sense of humor into play. The characterful desk, with its quirky asymmetric line and spindly, Martian-like metal legs, topped off with little walnut feet, seems poised to strut away. The three additional pieces: a single dresser with drawers, double dresser with drawers and double dresser with drawers and side cupboard, illustrate the elegant formal language of Grossman’s singular design style. The collection will be available from autumn 2012.’

Detail of the desk leg from the '62-series' by Greta Grossman

One of three dressers from Greta Grossman's '62-series', recently reissued by Gubi

Dresser from the '62-series' by Greta Grossman, reissued by Gubi



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