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Doctor Manzana Flagship by Masquespacio

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Doctor Manzana Flagship by Masquespacio

Photographer: Luis Beltran

Masquespacio just finished the design for Doctor Manzana’s second store, specialized in smartphone repairs and gadgets, located in the University district from Valencia.

The history from Doctor Manzana and Masquespacio started during the summer of 2013 when their founders Fran and Reyes commissioned the creative consultancy to redesign their brand and create their first point of sale. Being the brand specialized in reparations of mobile phones and smartphone cases, above other accessories for smartphones, the brand reinvention focused mainly on the 54 degrees angle of touch screens. That angle was applied both to the brand as well as to the interior design, besides four different colors: green and blue as a reference to the doctor, salmon for the fashionistas and purple for the geeks. Metal on the other hand adds an industrial touch that reminds us of the laboratories. (more…)

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