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‘Berlin Dreams’ by Daniel Libeskind

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'Berlin Dreams' installation by Daniel Libeskind

‘Berlin Dreams’ installation by Daniel Libeskind

Architect Daniel Libeskind’s ‘Berlin Dreams’ is a piece of glass architecture based on nine invisible lines traced through Potsdamer Platz, after it was No Man’s Land between East and West Berlin, yet before it was rebuilt. The installation was presented as part of the Urban Stories exhibition held at Palazzo Litta during Milan Design Week 2014.



'Hide & Park' Wardrobe by kaschkasch for Zeitraum

‘Hide & Park’ Wardrobe by kaschkasch for Zeitraum

Cologne-based designers Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, of kaschkasch, have created a solid wood, wall mounted wardrobe with a very simple look but a lot of functionality.



For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Hide & Park’ Wardrobe by kaschkasch for Zeitraum (DE)