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Mon 15.3.

‘Adaptive fa[CA]de’ by Marilena Skavara

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 15.03.2010 - Tagged as: , , ,

Marilena Skavara’s 'Adaptive Facade'

The greek born and London based architect Marilena Skavara presented this interactive facade system within the Digital Hinterlands Exhibition during last year’s London Digital Week.

Marilena Skavara’s 'Adaptive Facade'

Here is how the architect describes her project:

“‘Adaptive fa[CA]de’ is a manifestation of how naturally designed systems can potentially inspire a new type of adaptive, programmable architecture. It explores a wide spectrum of functional possibilities and performative characteristics of Cellular Automata (CA). CA are bottom-up algorithms and a great example of ‘hidden’, low-level intelligence found in several emergent and often complex, natural formations. ‘Adaptive fa[CA]de’ is an endeavour to formulate a surface based on simple CA rules that constantly alters its pattern by tilting each panel on the grid to seven possible angles.”

Marilena Skavara’s 'Adaptive Facade'

“The goal is to achieve adaptation to the ever-changing environment, aiming to provide optimum light conditions to the interior of the building. The innovation lays beneath both the elimination of the exhaustive calculations found in other sustainable façades and the combination of functionality and playful unpredictability. Random-like, intriguingly non-symmetric patterns are not only used for aesthetic purposes with lack of pragmatic value, but are the result of an intelligent, responsive system trained by artificial Neural Networks, which are further optimised by Genetic Algorithms.”

Adaptive fa[CA]de from marilena on Vimeo.

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