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Fri 1.5.

‘Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion’ by Various Architects

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 01.05.2009 - Tagged as: , ,

The pavilion allowes multiple configurations

The pavilion allowes multiple configurations, all photos with courtesy of Various Architects

The project “Yorkshire Diamond” of the Norwegian studio of Various Architects was a finalist in the open international competition for a mobile pavilion for Yorkshire Forward. The Yorkshire Diamond Pavilion is a unique and iconic venue that is designed to represent Yorkshire Forward at events around Yorkshire and Humber or further abroad.

The 20 x 26 x 10 meter diamond grid

The 20 x 26 x 10 meter diamond grid volume

The project is an attraction in itself with a striking exterior in the form of inflatable tubes arranged in the atomic structure of diamonds. The 20 x 26 x 10 meter diamond grid volume is mined out to form a cavernous interior space reminiscent of the coal mines of Yorkshire. Light and air shafts pierce the structure providing natural light and ventilation. At night the translucent shafts and outer skin radiate light in all colors and directions like a diamond twinkling in the sunlight.

The voluminous internal space

The voluminous internal space

more info on the Various Architects´website