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Impressions from this year's edition of 'neue räume'

Following yesterday’s opening of the ‘neue räume 11′ fair, we unveil a second photo gallery with images from the exhibitions of; Holzmanufaktur, Element, Erba Italia, Wiesmann Küchen, Hugo Kretz, Blueroom, Gabaan, Wald-Haus, Materia, Manufakt and many more.


Be inspired!


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Impressions from the press preview of 'neue räume 11'

It’s no news that here at Architonic, we very much enjoy our ritual travels and across-the-globe ventures in the pursuit of the latest architecture and design discoveries. And while, unlike The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, we do not feel the need to tap our heels together three times each time we are away, there really is no place like home.


Especially when at home is where one of the best-curated furniture fairs in the world takes place. Of course, the fair we have in mind is ‘neue räume 11′, which opens today (1 November) within the stunning, historical, old industrial hall of Swiss power and automation technologies company ABB.


Showcasing a carefully selected and curated range of contemporary Swiss as well as international design, the bi-annual trade fair has been given a uniform exhibition architecture by Stefan Zwicky which, apart from the numerous fair booths also encompasses Architonic Concept Space designed by the Polish designer Oskar Zieta. See you there!


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'feuille blanche' by Christian Horisberger

Just over a week ago, we had a chance to attend a vernissage of a diminutive, yet undeniably inspiring, exhibition surveying the work of 20 young contemporary Swiss designers organised by Entitled ‘feuille blanche’ – French for ‘blank page’ – the show focused on the very first, preliminary stage of a creative process and a variety of approaches adopted by each of the designers.


Working methods, which differ among various creative disciplines, have been juxtaposed with each other thus revealing a highly-imaginative, conceptual, almost artistic aspect of industrial design. A large, rectangular 40x50cm wooden board, the said feuille blanche, served as a focal point of the show, onto which each of the exhibiting designers has projected their work in a very individual, unique manner.


Thu 21.7.

Raiffeisen – Open Lounge by DGJ+NAU (CH)

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Raiffeisen - Open Lounge by DGJ+NAU; photo by Jan Bitter

This unconventional, futuristic-looking flagship branch of Raiffeisen bank has been recently completed by two Swiss architectural practices DGJ and NAU. Developed around the idea of an ‘open bank’, the clean, streamlined interior serves as ‘an open lounge where customers can learn about new products and services’ within a more casual, interaction-encouraging atmosphere. (more…)


Earlier last month (18.05 – 11.06) the internationally-acclaimed Swiss designer Robert Wettstein has presented ‘Möbliert’, the first solo exhibition of his designs to be held in his hometown of Zürich.


For those of you who didn’t make it to the show, which was on view at the Galerie am Hirschengraben, Architonic brings you the photographs from this surprising and undeniably inspiring exhibition which explored the idea of a ready-furnished room.


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Today sees an opening of two separate architectural competitions organised by the city of Zurich. Here’s some detailed information about both of the planned projects.


‘The city of Zurich is planning a new football stadium and a public housing estate on the “Areal Hardturm” in Zurich’s West with two separate architectural competitions. Situated at the Western entrance to the city the two building projects will play an important role in the sustainable devel- opment of this city area and give this important district a fresh and dynamic aspect. Sustainability is an important factor for both competitions – it is vital that the aims of the 2000-watt-society vision will be achieved.’ (more…)

'Comic 1' by Tom Strala

'Comic 1' by Tom Strala

Art invention by Strala unifies modernity and tradition. Over the last few years, Strala has been painstakingly creating a unique collection of ‘objets d’art’ exclusively invented, handcrafted and offered in limited editions. Strala is chasing after the scent of a fascinating idea, not to hem it in, but to stimulate its unique essence. Tom Strala creates objects of precision, beauty and timelessness. His new creation is a standard lamp called ‘Comic’. It will be shown at the Strala Gallery in Zurich from december 4.

'Comic 2' by Tom Strala

‘Comic 2′ by Tom Strala

Strala, Dufourstrasse 169, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland

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