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Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture Construction; photo by: Yunus Özkazanç 2010, Kerem Yazgan 2010

This dizzyingly colourful yet undoubtedly photogenic private residence located in the hilly Bilkent district of Ankara has been developed by the Turkish architectural practice Yazgan Design Architecture Construction. The three-storey 1050-square-meters ‘Orange House’ has a steel structure, double-layered walls and manifold polychromatic light fixtures including rainbow backlit staircases and circular recessed floor lighting. (more…)

Middle East Technical University Modsimmer Modelling and Simulation Research Center, photo by Yunus Özkazanç – Kerem Yazgan

The Turkish architectural practice YAZGAN Design-Architecture-Construction designed the Modelling and Simulation Research Center for the Middle East Technical University Modsimmer in their hometown Ankara. The building’s composition is based on consecutive functional strips: sun shading steel frame, the eye-catching facade strip made from painted glass in five different colors, the strip of work spaces, storage, counter, shaft, door band, circulation band, atrium and the mirror coated pool base.