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Wed 19.10.

Artist Retreat by 0 to 1 (US)

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Artist Retreat by 0 to 1 (US)

Tamara Petrovic and Garner Oh, the duo behind the New York-based architectural and design practice 0 to 1 have designed this angular ‘work / live’ Artist Retreat located in the southern Finnish town of Fiskars. (more…)

'Woods' pendant light by Héctor Serrano for arturo alvarez

The London-based design office of Héctor Serrano has recently realised this eye-catching pendant lamp for the Spanish lighting specialist arturo alvarez. ‘Inspired by the magic of a forest and the light [that] escapes through its majestic trees’, Woods appears to be suspended midair while the softly glowing light emanates through the multiple layers of birchwood bars. (more…)

Tue 27.9.

‘Rip’ chair by Läufer + Keichel for Schneiderschram (DE)

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Läufer + Keichel's 'Rip' chair is composed from 21 solid wood slats

The Berlin-based practice Läufer + Keichel has just sent us these images of their recently-developed chair, ‘Rip’. Composed from a total of 21 differently-sized solid wood slats, the chair features an innovative, flexible backrest that adapts to user’s movements. The design will be put into production by the German manufacturer Schneiderschram in October. (more…)

Thu 15.9.

Habitare 2011: ‘Luukku’ chair by Satoshi Ohtaki

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'Luukku' chair by Satoshi Ohtaki

It might very well be due to our recent obsession with this book, but we couldn’t help but notice that this curiously-detailed ‘Luukku’ chair created by the Japanese-born architect, designer and the Aalto University School of Engineering student Satoshi Ohtaki is in fact, smiling.


Mon 12.9.

‘Mouri’ series by Rends Design Works (JP)

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The intricate joinery of the 'Mouri' series

The Tokyo-based designer Masanao Furukawa of Rends Design Works practice has developed this series of three-legged, wooden furniture whose unorthodox, labyrinthine joinery was inspired by a Japanese maxim: ‘though one arrow can easily be broken, three arrows banded together cannot.’ The collection, which was presented earlier this year at Milan’s Salone Satellite, encompasses three stools of varying heights, a table and a twig-like coat stand. (more…)

Tue 30.8.

‘Bark’ chair by CreativeAffairs (ES)

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'Bark' chair by CreativeAffairs

The latest addition to Architonic’s growing collection of fresh, innovative and frequently out-of-the-ordinary prototypes by young and up-and-coming designers from all over the world, this elegant, yet playful, chair has been realised by the Barcelona-based practice, CreativeAffairs (who our regular readers will remember from July’s ‘Osux’ post). (more…)

'Little Ben' table by Studio Dreimann

Studio Dreimann, the Hannover-based design practice established in 2010 by former fellow students Jonas Ette, Simon Kux and Tim Prigge, has created this beechwood side table called ‘Little Ben’. The design was inspired by the form of a traditional English tea table and it will be presented at Copenhagen Design Week – CODE 11 – next week (1 – 4 September). (more…)

Mon 18.7.

ECAL graduate show: ‘Rever’ chair by Jonas Nyffenegger

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'Rever' chair by Jonas Nyffenegger

The young designer and this year’s industrial design graduate (BA) Jonas Nyffenegger has created this adjustable ‘Rever’ chair which was presented as part of the graduate exhibition showcasing the final year projects from the students of the University of the Art and Design Lausanne, ECAL. The convertible wooden chair has been designed for the famous Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Lausanne with its alterable backrest enabling the mass-goers to easily turn towards the organ or the altar.