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Fri 8.5.

We Love Wood(s)! Summer 2015 Exhibition

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Tuoli chair by Minja Kolehmainen for We Love Wood(s)!

Tuoli chair detail by Minja Kolehmainen for We Love Wood(s)!

Prototypes and the first product series for the We Love Wood(s)! summer exhibition are now coming into existence. The wooden design objects, made in collaboration with Onoma’s summer 2015 exhibition in Fiskars, Finland, were commissioned earlier this year from a number of selected designer/cabinet maker teams to envisage utility items made of Finnish wood for export.



Sun 15.2.

Carved Bowls by Kutarq Studio (ES)

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Carved Bowls by Kutarq Studio, photo: Maria Mira

Carved Bowls by Kutarq Studio, photo: Maria Mira

The shape left in yoghurt while eating it with a spoon inspired the shape of Kutarq Studio’s Carved Bowls, a set of solid wood trays that combine different sized concave areas.



Wed 10.9.

‘Ausgebrannt’ stools by Kaspar Hamacher (BE)

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'Ausgebrannt' stools by Kaspar Hamacher

‘Ausgebrannt’ stools by Kaspar Hamacher

Inspired by nature and the elements, Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher uses fire to create furniture. ‘Ausgebrannt’, which means “burned out” in German, is a series of stools made of tree trunks that have been cut into segments of varying length.



'Lankku' chaise longue by Sanelma Hihnala for By Corporation

‘Lankku’ chaise longue by Sanelma Hihnala for By Corporation

The natural beauty of birch wood is evident in Sanelma Hihnala’s ‘Lankku’ chaise longue, with natural bark present on both sides giving the impression of a chair “emerging from nature out of the wilderness and in transition to the contemporary environment.”



'Spike' chair by Alexander Lervik for Gallery Pascale

‘Spike’ chair by Alexander Lervik for Gallery Pascale

20 years ago pioneer gallerist Pascale Cottard-Olsson arrived in Sweden and brought the first modern design gallery to Stockholm. Originally from France, Cottard-Olsson has since discovered a lot of young talent in Sweden and through the influential position of the gallery, and gallerist, many designers have gotten their first serious attention.



Mon 29.10.

Soul Man: Ask Emil Skovgaard

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‘Six Legs’ table with ‘Kora’ chairs: ‘The quality of materials and craftsmanship is really high, so I imagine that people will own them for many years’

If the Slow Design movement were looking for a poster boy, Ask Emil Skovgaard would undoubtedly be on the shortlist. Treading a fine and virtuosic line between design, craft and art, the Copenhagen-based creative’s work is, among other things, an expression of pure material joy and a comment on the, often compromised, value of fast-paced production. Architonic talks to the Skovgaard about his patient approach. (by Simon Keane-Cowell)


read Simon Keane-Cowell’s interview with Ask Emil Skovgaard in full on Architonic

Out of the Woods: Adventures of 12 Hardwood Chairs by AHEC and RCA

The American Hardwood Export Council has collaborated with product design students at the Royal College of Art in London to create a stunning exhibition of hardwood chairs at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the 2012 London Design Festival. The culmination of an eight month project that encompassed wood and chair making workshops, an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment and a rigorous design and making process. (more…)

‘Infinity Bench’ by Martino Gamper; photo by Petr Krejci

On the occasion of this year’s edition of the London Design Festival, Italian-born UK-based designer Martino Gamper has teamed up with the American Hardwood Export Council to create this 6-meters-long ‘Infinity Bench’. Composed of multiple slanting panels made of American red oak, soft maple, ash, yellow birch and tulipwood, ‘Infinity Bench’ was inspired by the Italian concept of autoprogettazione (translated as self‐made) and the design was on view at the John Madejski Gardens at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. (more…)